Presenting REEF Staking on Unifarm by OpenDeFi with upto 250% APY!

Reef Finance is proud to announce that we have joined the pool of OpenDeFi’s new DeFi initiative ‘Unifarm’, where participants can stake 1 project token to farm as many as 5 different project tokens.

Users who stake their assets in the Unifarm pool will earn a minimum APY of 40% and a maximum APY of 250%, depending on their duration of staking.

Apart from Reef ($REEF) and OpenDeFi ($ORO), Matic Network ($MATIC), Centaur ($CNTR) and Frontier ($FRONT) are also participating in this unique program. Users have the option of staking as many different kinds of tokens as they want from the list of partnering projects.

Farming goes live on 3rd Feb 2021, 7 PM IST, and will continue for a duration of 90 days, till 3 May 2021, 8 PM IST.

The total reward pool size is $50,000, with $10,000 allocated to each of the 5 projects. A total of $100,000 worth of tokens can be staked for each project.

Users will be able to farm all the 5 tokens taking part in Unifarm on a week by week basis. As an example, if a user stakes ORO tokens, then

  • For the 1st week the user will earn ORO tokens
  • For the 2nd week the user will earn ORO tokens as well as CNTR tokens
  • For the 3rd week, the user will earn ORO, CNTR as well as FRONT tokens, and so on…

Users also have the flexibility of unstaking and claiming back their assets anytime they want. Unstaking before the end of the farming period, however, will reset their staking clock back to zero.

Stake $REEF in Unifarm now:
Buy REEF here: Binance



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